Classlerts comes to UCSC – we’re now live at 3 UC campuses!

Classlerts is proud to announce functionality for students at University of California, Santa Cruz! It’s exciting to be on a team that is turning an idea to a business. Initiative is the fuel of startups. It’s not just about the first step, or the second, its about the whole race. Its sort of like a giant game of QWOP where as soon as you get the hang of just walking forward, the rules change, and now you’ve got to learn how to jump hurdles. Each member of our team is like a muscle group on the QWOP-dude, and each person has to be ready to go and do their part when they are needed. If we misfire we still move forwards, but sometimes you fall on your face.

Peter Howell is a Cognitive Science/Management double major entering his senior year at University of California, Merced. A self-described "no" man, he plays devil's advocate and won't settle for passing on a problem until he can find a solution.

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